The premise behind ADRENALINE

I work as an anesthesiologist and spend a good part of my life putting other people to sleep for all kinds of surgery. It’s very interesting and exciting—I get to interact with and help a lot of people in many different situations. However, the hours are tough (24 hour call shifts) and it can be a bit stressful!

One day it struck me—people place an extraordinary amount of trust in their anesthesiologist (someone they have often just met minutes beforehand) as they are being wheeled in the OR for surgery. Since I read a lot of thrillers, I couldn’t help but wonder—what if that trust is misplaced and their doctor is actually evil? I decided to write a book exploring this chilling concept. I don’t want to scare people because this is obviously fiction, but it’s the dark side of medicine-as-big-business. 12 years later, Adrenaline was published. The writing/publishing process was a real eye-opener! I learned the value of perseverance and belief in oneself to overcome obstacles.


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