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Edge of Death


By U. John on January 3, 2014

Once started, there is no way you can put this book down! Suspenseful to the max, this medical thriller is tightly paced and takes your breath away. With a supernatural twist, it keeps you thinking. This book made it all the way to Germany and you can tell that this author knows what he is talking about when he takes the reader to the OR or ICU - since he is an anesthesiologist himself. So be sure not to miss this exciting medical thriller and Dr. Benedict’s debut work: Adrenaline! These books can definitely be placed in a row with Tess Gerritsen or Patricia Cornwell. Five Stars!

Captivating! Couldn't put it down!

By Jonathan Frontz on December 29, 2013

Wow! I really enjoyed this book. Wonderful sequel to Adrenaline. Loved the supernatural notions. Can't wait for the next book.

Another riveting MUST READ

By Dori Shank Oneill on December 19, 2013

Dr. Benedict has done it again! This sequel to "Adrenaline" is captivating. I started the book during breaks @ work (12 hr. shifts in operating room) and finished it next day high above the clouds flying to PA to visit family. I love the introduction of a new medical concept, the mix of science & spiritual philosophy, the surprises that keep me turning pages, and finally the hint that another dark thriller might be on the way. Benedict is added to my booklists of favorite authors and I hope his ideas keep spilling forth!

Scary, yet thought-provoking

By Cris on December 17, 2013

Absolutely LOVED IT! Very captivating and intense! Nick Chandler is an eerie character. Keeps you wondering who will be his next victim...

Nice work, John Benedict!

Looking forward to your next book.

Outstanding medical thriller

By Adrian on December 15, 2013

From the author of Adrenaline, comes another action packed thriller that introduced the reader to the exciting world of medical science. A must read book.

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