February 4th, 2014:  Today, I had the privilege of being a guest on abc27’s Good Day PA with host Amy Kehm.  She was very gracious and helped put me at ease, as I was a tad nervous about being on live TV.  We talked about my new book, The Edge of Death, and the premise behind it.  She asked me what set my books apart.  I explained that what I strive for, in addition to telling a good story, is to bring medical authenticity to my work, adding a sense of realism that many current TV shows, movies and even novels lack.  I also mentioned that The Edge of Death was the sequel to Adrenaline, which was released back in 2005.  A video clip of the interview is posted under media.  You can compare it to my old 2006 TV interview, complete with mustache, if you’re so inclined.


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