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May 13, 2015: Fatal Complications now has a release date of December 1st, 2015.

Here is the link to the preliminary cover design and story blurb:

January 13, 2015: Today, I signed with Oceanview Publishing (Longboat Key, Florida) and Fatal Complications, my 3rd medical thriller, is now under contract and scheduled to be released toward the end of the year! I attribute this positive development to the unexpected success of my first two self-published medical thrillers, ADRENALINE and The Edge of Death. And the fact that the CEO and chief editor of Oceanview is Pat Gussin, who is a fellow physician and best-selling author of six medical thrillers. She read Fatal Complications and loved it. To say she understands the genre would be a gross understatement.

December 30, 2014: ADRENALINE picks up over 400 Amazon reader reviews in 2014—mostly 5-star!   The Edge of Death received 99 reader reviews in 2014—again mostly 5-star! Thanks to all readers who took the time to post a review on Amazon—much appreciated.

October 28, 2014: ADRENALINE hit the #1 spot for the first time on October 10th in the paid medical thrillers category (Kindle ebook) and remained there for over 2 weeks! Once again, I attribute much of the success to BookBub, which promoted the $0.99 sale of ADRENALINE.  ADRENALINE also rose as high as #42 of ALL books in the Kindle store in early October. Thanks to all who participated in the sale!!

October 6, 2014:   Today I was invited to write a guest blog post for the international Murder is Everywhere blog by my friend and well-known historical fiction author, Anna Maria Alfieri. What follows is a copy of the text of the blog. Check out the actual blog to see cool pictures as well:

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September 7, 2014:

With the recent buying surge in August, Total Books in Print (ADRENALINE and The Edge of Death) now exceeds 100,000!!

September 5, 2014:

It has just come to my attention that the new Kindle version of The Edge of Death has numerous formatting errors that weren’t present in the original edition.

CreateSpace blames their Kindle conversion computer program and is working to fix the glitches.  Hopefully this will be accomplished soon.  Amazon KDP assures me they will mass email all the folks who purchased the bad ebook file and send them a free replacement with apologies.

September 2, 2014:

The numbers are in for August.  The Edge of Death, the ebook, was downloaded over 25,000 times in August!!  Just like in March, most of these downloads occurred during the 5-day free sale on Amazon, August 10th–14th.  However this time, paid sales of ADRENALINE also spiked, propelling ADRENALINE up to the #2 spot on the Amazon PAID medical thriller list!!!  I again attribute much of the success of the free sale to BookBub, which promoted The Edge of Death.  Thanks to all who participated in the sale!!

April 5, 2014:   The numbers are in for March.  ADRENALINE, the ebook, was downloaded over 70,000 times in March!!!  Full disclosure—most of these downloads occurred during the 5-day free sale on Amazon March 17th-21st.  But the exposure is still awesome and totally unexpected.  During the 5-day sale, ADRENALINE rose to the #1 medical thriller in the Kindle free store.  After the free sale, ADRENALINE cracked the top ten medical thrillers in the paid Kindle store, alongside Robin Cook, Patricia Cornwell and Tess Gerritsen.  I attribute much of the success of the free sale to BookBub, which promoted ADRENALINE.  I also advertised the sale on DigitalBookToday and Free-ebooks.  Thanks to all who participated in the sale!!

March 1st, 2014:

This morning, I participated in the Medical Matters radio show on WHP-580.  Many thanks to my co-hosts Dr. Peter Brier and Kelly McCormick who were very friendly and made me feel comfortable in the studio.  Also thanks to Dr. Brett DeLone who helped arrange the interview.  We chatted about the medical underpinnings (definition of life, death, etc.) of my new medical thriller, The Edge of Death and spoke of the writing process in general.  Hopefully a podcast of the show will be available soon on WHP-580 Harrisburg website to anyone who wasn’t up at the crack of dawn on a Saturday morning!  I’ll also try to post a copy to my website.

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