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February 4th, 2014:  Today, I had the privilege of being a guest on abc27’s Good Day PA with host Amy Kehm.  She was very gracious and helped put me at ease, as I was a tad nervous about being on live TV.  We talked about my new book, The Edge of Death, and the premise behind it.  She asked me what set my books apart.  I explained that what I strive for, in addition to telling a good story, is to bring medical authenticity to my work, adding a sense of realism that many current TV shows, movies and even novels lack.  I also mentioned that The Edge of Death was the sequel to Adrenaline, which was released back in 2005.  A video clip of the interview is posted under media.  You can compare it to my old 2006 TV interview, complete with mustache, if you’re so inclined.

January 8th, 2014:

Today, I found myself in the studio of radio station Z-Country 107, courtesy of Jenna Clay and Chachi Angelo. (See a picture of the three of us under photos.) The two hosts, who could not have been nicer, asked me questions about The Edge of Death and the writing process in general.  They posted links to my website on the Z-107 Facebook page and helped me spread the word about both books.  During the morning show, I also had to judge the best 20-second drinking story from the listening audience.  It was tough!  But all-in-all, it was a terrific experience and I had a blast!  Special thanks to Jenna Clay, who invited me to stop by. (Jenna was also the WGAL-TV news reporter who interviewed me 8 years ago about Adrenaline.  The video is posted under media.)

December 18, 2013:  

I signed books (The Edge of Death and Adrenaline) today in the Holy Spirit Hospital Gift Shop, thanks to the kind support of Rosemary Burke.  It was a great success!  I sold out of the 75 books I brought along, and a good time was had by all.  See 2 new pictures of the event, with Michelle and Krista, posted in the photos section.  I am going to resupply the Gift Shop with signed copies of both books for people who couldn’t make the original event.  Thanks to all who attended!

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